Dobrodošli! I Mean, Welcome to Američki Centar!

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Do you want to learn English, but you just don’t have the time? You know, the usual, “Učio sam malo u srednjoj, onako samo da prođem i eto tako jednostavno zaboravio sam.“ Or maybe you understand basic English but you just can’t seem to find the right words when you need to speak? No matter if you are baš početnik or just need to brush up a bit to anything in between, Američki Centar is here to fit your needs!





Why Američki Centar?


We offer small group classes with up to six students taught by experienced native speakers. Our Croatian skills are, erm, questionable. Let’s just say that for two full hours a week you will feel as if you are in America or England.

Are you too cool for school and classes are just not your style? Nema problema! Imamo i nešto za vas! Let us introduce the English Lounge. This is a conversation style class held for a full hour on Friday at 17:00. Join us for coffee, tea and an unforgettable time all while speaking English!

If you are looking for something more intense and customized, we offer individual classes. We are dedicated to your success and are committed to help you on this path towards your goal! Just give us a call at 091 623 1785!

Our classrooms utilize modern technology, and are equipped with a laptop and TV that connect to an interactive platform that can be accessed by students at home for extra practice. But most of all we are excited to teach you English!




Our New Blog


In addition to English instruction, we are launching our every own blog! Čekaj, ne brini se, this blog won’t be filled with boring grammar rules! Instead we invite you to follow us every first and third Saturday of the month where we will explore many different topics related to English. These range from stories about Americans in Zagreb to common English mistakes to American culture to maybe even a classroom anecdote. Students will also have the opportunity to write guest posts! That is, if they are brave enough. We will even write about things that you are interested in reading about. Just leave a comment below!

This blog is written with you in mind. We want to reach out and give you something short and amusing on a Saturday morning to talk about while at špica. We want you to engage in the English and be excited by it! Also, we want you to smile!


So welcome and stop by next Saturday 04.11.2017 for our first blog! In the meantime we would be very grateful if you’d follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook!



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