The Perfect Simple and Ćevapi

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number one can you see number one yeah

okay i had already grilled ćevapi
by the time the class arrived okay so

this is
uh you know my

ćevapi is in the context here uh
without the cha

sorry um yeah what a disservice
to ćevapi ….you should correct it…

i will.. i’ll do that
immediately after class or the next

yeah yeah we we can’t lead them astray

you know
they’ll they’ll be lost so okay

so we see a okay i had
what form is this

this is in blue in blue blue uh-huh this
is uh

perfect well okay it is perfect very
very very nice answer but more

which time are we speaking in are we

speaking in past present or future
us perfect yes okay how do we know that

uh because of uh helping the verb
had ah very nice very nice

it was before the class arrived in this
action…okay man you are good

okay so …and it’s finished…
it is finished it is finished the

grilling is done right the grilling is
completed um the ćevapi are on the table

there they’re steaming hot straight from
story cotach

you know uh but uh yes very nice
okay so you are exactly

you you are correct okay um we have the

in past okay and
thus we have past perfect because we

can see had and of course that’s simple
past of have

okay the main event is arrived okay
and what you have before it was the

grilling of ćevapi
okay so it started and completed

before the main event arrived okay very
very nice okay now letter B.

i have already grilled ćevapi ….i have
already grilled ćevapi….okay

so what do we have here? what do we have here? what is this?

this is a present perfect
very good and started in the past

but not finished well it is finished

um or it is completed i mean …yes already yes…

but yes but it has some effect
now okay it that’s what makes it present

it’s the finishing of this event or the

completion of this
event has a direct effect or consequence

on the time now – the time of speaking so

maybe maybe this ćevapi is uh is ready to be

had by or eaten by us or i don’t know it
it can be anything

but it is a present tense
i should have asked you that… is present

perfect the present tense or past tense?

PRESENT….thank you okay yes it is a present tense okay don’t

let the title of the tense fool you it

or it states present perfect for reason

so the the order
is the grilling started sometime before

now we don’t know
when okay it doesn’t matter when that’s

that’s irrelevant
uh what is relevant is that it started

and it stopped it has some effect
now okay so very very nice

okay and lastly let’s do C.

i will have already grilled ćevapi by the
time the class ….oh boy what do we have here what is this

this is a long
tense in the blue…. yeah this is uh


past past future …..the future

come on try again this is future what
what are we talking about here?

future perfect yes future perfect okay
okay how do we know that? first of all

look at the helping verb have
okay what tense is having

it’s in what?

will have is what future
future future okay and then we have it

directly followed by a past participle
okay yeah so we have future and then we

perfect okay it’s future perfect okay so

that’s that’s kind of a systematic way
you can

you can figure these tenses out just by

at the form okay now
we’re dealing with future time um by the

time the class
arrives okay it’s a future time clause

okay and again
just like in A. this is very similar to A.

as you can see
um we just change arrived to arrives and

thus we have a
time in future okay so

the main emphasis in C. is
the grilling and completion of this

before the arrival

okay it’s pretty cool stuff right
because you can

you can look at all of these past

and future perfect forms and they
they do the same okay

you can see

here is the perfect in blue
okay and always it is in front

of something else the main event is in

okay so that’s
why we can say that perfect

in one word can be defined as
before … before something okay

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