Special Edition: Holiday Anecdotes from our Followers

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As the year is coming to a close, all of us here at Američki Centar would like to thank you for choosing to learn English with us! We look forward to helping you reach your goals and become fluent! It truly is a pleasure working with all of our students, and we are eagerly awaiting 2018 and the new students that will join our family! Once again, thank you, and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


As promised in our last blog here is a special edition blog of holiday anecdotes that you sent in. Below are our three favorites!


Letter to Santa

We were spending the Christmas holidays at my brother’s house in the States. Christmas there is a bit different there than here in Croatia. My brother’s kids were amazed that my daughter did not send a letter to Santa to tell him what she wanted. She is practical, I guess you would say, and said to them that Santa didn’t exist. They found it sad that a young girl did not believe at such a young age, so they tried to get her to write Santa a letter. Being as she is, she pointed out that the North Pole is far and the letter wouldn’t reach it him in time. Apparently, there is a website in which children can email Santa so they helped her write a letter and they emailed it to him. A day later we were all showing in a shopping center, or as they say “in the mall“ and there was a Santa there. We thought it would be fun for all the kids to take a picture with him. When the Santa asked my daughter what she wanted she asked him, “Didn’t you get my email? I sent it to you yesterday?“ Her English is not so good yet, so she said something more along the lines of, “You not get my email? I send it to you last night?“ I interrupted and told my daughter that Santa is very busy and didn’t have time to read it yet. She refused to tell him what she wanted. Luckily she received what she wanted on Christmas Day, and a little part of me hopes that she believes.

–Lucija, Zagreb



My father is from Croatia, and my mother is American. Like many expats living in Zagreb, I came to Croatia to get in touch with my roots, fell in love with the life here and stayed. Anyway, while growing up my father only went to church on the holidays, you know Easter and Christmas. However, every Christmas he would tell us that it is custom to eat a head of garlic on Christmas morning. Supposedly it is for good luck. We thought this was odd, but nonetheless believed it to be true because customs can be strange. Now that I am living here, I have never heard of eating a whole head of garlic on Christmas, and I think my dad just did this to annoy other churchgoers.

–Ana, Zagreb via Pennsylvania


New Dog

We bought my son a new puppy for Christmas. He always wanted one, but I didn’t really want to have a pet in the house. I thought it would be too much work and I already am very busy. Anyway, I gave in, and we decided to give it to him on Christmas morning. My son was so happy and excited that for a second I forgot about my previous concerns about having a pet. The puppy also seemed happy. He was jumping around my son and licking him. Then all of a sudden he stopped and peed under the Christmas tree. Of course, I then realized this would be a bad idea. My son named him Popisanko or PP for short.

–Ivana, Zagreb


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