Learning English from the source

Our Method of Learning the English Language

Here at The American Center, our highest priority is your advancement in the English language. We know that learning a language can be one of the most challenging experiences in your life. Many people have a fear of speaking incorrectly in front of others which in return, creates an obstruction with even the simple things within the language. Our number goal in our English course is to, make you feel comfortable when speaking. All judgement of others leaves when you walk through our doors. Fear can be your number one enemy; it can instantly block your thought, leaving you frozen in your tracks. This is our first initiative of our English course ; we want to make you comfortable in the presence of others. Our atmosphere is relaxed, fun, and energetic

It is said that the best things in life are the simplest. That is a maxim of how we would like to describe our instruction with English grammar. Taking our English course, you will find complete explanation of hard English grammar topics from a perspective you may have never experienced before. Our English instructors at The American Center love simplifying topics with the use of diagrams and other visuals. After taking our English course, you will have a different insight of those hard topics you had never had before. Our zealous pursuance of your understanding does not stop until you succeed.

The American Center’s English course will offer you the opportunity to use English in, but more importantly, out of class. We utilize many activities and resources that you can use at home or wherever you are. On top of this we like using a bit of technology with our classrooms. In our English course, you will have access to our online classroom LMS (learning management system) which is available to you anytime anywhere.

You will also find all content and extra work of our English course available right at your fingertips at home. You will find yourself doing more and more, making English more part of your daily routine without any extra effort! We want you to succeed, and succeed you will, at The American Center.

All of our English courses follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Learning English from the source!
Meet our Professors:

Naš zadatak

Learning a language can be one of the most challenging tasks of your life. Whatever your reason for learning, success can only be acquired through patience and hard work. The retainment of your language also requires you to use it repetitively; like the old saying goes, Use it or lose it! Whether you are a beginning or advanced speaker, the ability to sustain and grow your language will be the number one goal and priority in our English course.

At The American Center, our English courses are only taught from the most experienced native speaking teachers in Zagreb. We are passionate about your progress and success, and will help guide and mentor you all the way through. We have upon thousands of hours in experience teaching Croatians. This means we already know the most commonly misused grammar mistakes that haunt you time after time. Our English courses offer a maximum occupancy of six students, so you will have plenty of speaking time and engagement. We like to use logical and simplified ways of teaching English grammar, and at the same time, we keep our classrooms fun and energetic. Our method immerses you with the language; The goal of our English Course is to make learning English a way of life. From our home to your home, welcome to The American Center.

Complete your homework, writing and listening tasks, and tests from the comfort of your home (or anywhere) with our online Learning Management System, included in our regular group courses