Extra Credit

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How motivated are you to learn English? Is this something you have been doing leisurely in hopes that you will pick up the language at your own pace, or is this an endeavor that you are diving into head first and trying to find little ways to immerse yourself in English as much as possible? Learning a foreign language takes time, and adding little activities in English into your everyday life and daily routine can help ensure quicker progress. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? When you are not forced to come in contact with English every day it can be challenging to find new ways that are engaging, interesting and most of all fun!



Do you like karaoke? How about singing in the shower or humming a little tune while doing a task? Singing is a common pastime, so it is not a surprise that an easy and enjoyable way to practice English every day is through songs. Not only is this entertaining, but songs are usually written in ordinary everyday English. This can be a beneficial way to learn new expressions and get a feel for the flow of the language. Also, songs tend to rhyme and have catchy melodies, so the lyrics are much easier to remember.

Uz tečaj engleskog pjevanje na engleskom jeziku može Vam poboljšati izgovor i vokabular!

One excellent resource for learning and practicing songs in English (or other foreign languages) is on Lyrics Training. This site allows you to watch music videos with the lyrics written below in subtitles. After you start learning the song, there are four practice options. Each option will leave out some of the words from the song. While listening, you will have to type them in as the song is playing. Each higher level leaves out more words than the previous. After the song is finished you will receive a score that you can use to track your progress! It is simple and fun to sing at least one song in English every day with the help of this site!




Current events are always a hot topic of discussion. It is very common for people to keep up to date with everything that is going on in their city, country or even in the world by reading the newspaper, watching news programs or even scrolling through social media. Are you someone who keeps up to date with what is new? If so, why not do it in English? If you are not yet quite ready to read the newspapers, there is another outlet for you! CNN 10 offers short videos with transcripts designed for students and even provides weekly quizzes to test your knowledge of the past week’s events! Listening and reading the transcript every day will not take up a lot of time, but it is a great way to guarantee that English is in your everyday life!

Teens and adults are not the only ones who can access an easier version of the news. Time offers a magazine just for children! This is grade specific, so you can choose your level from grade K-6 and read level appropriate material! (In English grade K stands for kindergarten.) A great feature embedded into the articles is a dictionary. Words that may be considered difficult or above level are highlighted and clicking on it will give you a dictionary definition and picture. These articles are short and geared to young children and their interests.

Ted Talks

Budite inspirirani uz TED talkova na engleskom s interaktivnim transkriptima

If you have ever stepped into the lounge at Američki Centar, you may have seen a Ted Talk playing on the TV. TED is an organization offering powerful talks on the topics of technology, education and design. These speeches tend to be innovating, engaging and thought-provoking. They can also be very useful in supplementing your English class when used with the interactive feature.



The highlight blue section in the text is where the speaking is.

This provides a transcript of the talk so you can read and listen at the same time. If you missed a word or expression, it is not a problem. Just click on the word in the transcript to hear that part again.  This is a fantastic way for you to along with the speaker as they say the text.  Doing this will help you develop the cadence or rhythm of the language.

Tip: it might be more useful to find a lecture with a native English speaker for this practice.





Vježbajte riječi koji ste naučili na tečaju engleskog uz Vocabulary.com-a!

It is never too early or too late to start building your vocabulary. This can seem like a daunting task because it involves studying and memorizing new words, but games can make this fun! Vocabulary.com is a very practical and fun way to learn new vocabulary words. Not only will you expand your vocabulary, you will also have the opportunity to compete and show off your knowledge to a whole world of English Language learners!

Merriam Webster Dictionary offers many online games that are explicitly designed to help improve and expand your knowledge of words. Through crossword puzzles, word finds, scrabble and much more you can learn a few words a day with seemingly no hassle!


Napraviti svoju listu riječi!

Flashcards are another helpful study aid used to facilitate vocabulary learning. Flippity modernizes the flashcard making process!

Each person can make their own set and study them in different ways. The site even offers different types of practice exercises you can use to test your knowledge. Check out this flashcard set to get an idea of how to make your own set!

Vježbajte riječi koji ste naučili na tečaju engleskog uz Flippity-a!


In addition to these, the Student Portal on our website offers a variety of resources and podcasts to all our students. We wish everyone success with their English language learning journey!

Remember: A little practice every day can make your English go a long way! Happy Learning![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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