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Online English Language Course

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What's included in our ONLINE English course?

Small groups

2-6 students

6 Weeks

75 min Mon-Thu

Native speakers


Interactive e-book

Virtualni Classroom

Everything you need including homework excercises and tests

Certificate for CV

Earn a certificate after completing the English course

Online English course

Our Online English course is WITHOUT excuses!

Have you ever wanted to learn English but never found the time for it? We can all easily justify ourselves: “Oh, I would like to learn English like that, but I just don’t have time!”. What would you say if we offered you an Online English course with the convenience of learning from your own home or office without worrying about traffic jams and strenuous walking in rain, snow, cold or heat?

Just imagine waking up, making yourself a cup of coffee and still sitting in your pajamas in your comfy armchair. Does that sound tempting? Or imagine ending a hard day’s work after which you don’t have to worry about driving to the other end of town and finding a parking spot for an English class. Moreover, consider the productivity you can have by learning English during your lunch break. If these ideas appeal to you, you should consider our Online English Course as an objective opportunity to finally learn English!

What does our online English course offer?

Learning English online has developed significantly in the last few years, and the development of technology has really made this alternative approach very appealing. Basically, in an individual Online English course you can gain the same knowledge as if you were physically present in class.

Writing an assignment is made as easy as correcting it in front of your eyes

An online English course at the American Center via Skype or google meeting removes all excuses for not learning that you can give. All you need is a computer or tablet, a good internet connection and headphones. With just these three things we can achieve the same, and maybe even more than in a classic class. We can do screen sharing for reading and writing exercises, and with the help of our implementation of google documents, you can immediately see your mistakes corrected.

Online English course – writing exercises and corrections

Online English course LMS (Learning Management System)

If you decide to attend our Online English course for 30 hours, you will have access to our online learning environment or LMS (Learning Management System). Here you will be able to solve interactive exercises, send recordings of your speech and participate in class forums and other ways of written communication with other participants of the Online English course. It’s a great way to use English outside of our online meetings. The professor will give you feedback and a grade for all your work. The platform consists of four parts: reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Online learning has been made easier with our online English course platform!

Book for Online English Course

Also if you would like to use our high quality course books, Oxford Press Navigate, we can arrange for you a fully interactive digital copy for the price of a printed book. If you enroll in our 30-hour course, that book will be included! With the interactive digital book, you can listen to audio, watch videos, complete homework and record your speech, and track your own progress. Everything is stored on your computer, smartphone or tablet, so you won’t need the internet when performing any of the listed tasks.

Online Englishbrief:

  • course inAttend the course at any time of the day! From dusk to dawn!
  • All courses include access to the Online English Course portal with additional materials An
  • Oxford e-book for 10 and 20 hours of the course is available on request.
  • For a 30-hour online English course, LMS and e-books are included in the price

. class … off your couch!


Individual exchange rate


1,800 (10 hours) to 4,800 (30 hours) by agreement

  • Direct banking transaction
  • Paypal
  • Visa
  • Mastercard


Group Course


One-1990-2290 kn per agreement (30 hours)

  • Direct bank transaction
  • Paypal
  • Visa


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