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Learning English with Peppa Pig for children and beginners

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Using Peppa Pig to teach children and beginners English

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hello everyone and welcome today we have a very special guest peppa pig and Peppa

is here to help us help our children
learn English maybe even she’ll help us
who knows so first Peppa Pig is a wonderful resource for young learners the the English used in this cartoon is fabulousis targeted for small children toddlers to even you know five years
six-year-olds and especially non-native
english-speaking young learners even at
a higher age for the English learning
purpose only now let’s talk about how to
use Peppa as a resource because we know
that our kids find things on YouTube to
watch and some of these things are not
to say the least the best type of
material we would like our kids watching
as a matter of fact a lot of the
material is just a complete disgrace
it’s a waste of time the kids end up
just vegetating to this garbage

so Peppa Pig is an exception and we

really can take advantage of Peppa Pig
and today we’re going to talk about how
to so number one the first thing that we
should do is to slow Peppa down okay for
our children especially our children who
are of the age you know a year and a
half to three slowing Peppa down is a
vital and very effective way for
understanding now in you and you know in
YouTube depending on which or where
you’re watching YouTube from you’re able
to do this on a computer and an Android
or iPad you’re definitely able to do
this you can see in the settings you
have speed now it defaults at normal of
course and we’re going to slow Peppa
down to 75 now this is wonderful because
this does not change the pitch
it doesn’t change the sound anything so
everything remains the same except it’s
easier to differentiate words to tell
words apart to speak slowly now when
we’re learning at a young age or at a
beginning level at a beginners level we
speak slowly and this is what this is
doing so this is before anything the
first thing we should do if we’re using
Peppa Pig as a resource now

the first thing Peppa Pig does very well is it highlights and targets specific and relative vocabulary

that your child uses
on a daily basis
these words are all around your child

they are relative to your child’s life not only it targets these itrepeats the repetition of these words is

very thorough so this is important for
us to interact with this targeted
vocabulary as you can see this theme is
shopping this episode and if you were to
play this episode from beginning to end
you’ll hear this word repeated over and
over again
now how we interact with our children is
very important for us to reap the best
reward of this wonderful cartoon now big
questions we would like to ask our
children start with W who where and what
happened so the following clips will
will apply these and will also keep in
mind and be aware of the vocabulary used
okay so let’s go ahead and begin with
shopping and see where this leads us
in Georgia going shopping pepper and
George like shopping okay peppa and
George like shopping so a question a w
question we could ask our child which
targets the vocabulary

where are peppa and George going peppa

and George are going shopping okay
another question could be do peppa and
George like shopping yes they do so this
is a great example of how we can use
vocabulary for George okay so let’s see
if we can take these principles and use
them to see if we can come up with our
own interactions with the following clip
first we need Tomatoes now put them in
the trolley okay so we can ask so many
things here um simple you know I’ll give
you you’ve probably thought of your own
but we can ask where did mommy ask to
put the tomatoes on who picked the

what happened Peppa take the tomatoes

okay so let’s just apply this to one
more clip before we conclude on the list
is fruit never mind George you can
choose the fruit where is the fruit
there are apples and oranges and bananas
and a very big melon great everywhere
fruit shall we have George apples
oranges is your the repetition okay

so we can do the same thing okay

obviously fruit was the targeted word
here okay and you can use your
questioning for with what fruit did
George pick where did they find the
fruit what is your favorite fruit
there there there are so many questions
with fruit but you again can hear

the repetition of these words and how important they are and your child’s development so by using targeted vocabulary with repetition

asking ourchildren questions interacting how what
where when why using questions of
feeling and emotion to build empathy and
compassion with our children peppa pig
is just a wonderful gift that we should
take advantage of especially over these
nonsensical things on YouTube that we
should definitely avoid so my advice is
to you sees the pig enjoy Peppa thanks
and we’ll see you soon