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General group English Course

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Our general group English course offers you a mixture of conversation and grammar

What is all included in the course?

  • Small groups
  • Native speakers
  • Two hours a week
  • 15 weeks (30 hours in total)
  • Books included in the price
  • Online portal – everything you need is also available online

General English course in more detail:

Our general English course offers a fun package filled with speaking and grammar exercises. This English course consists of two hours of sixty minutes of instruction per week for fifteen weeks (a total of thirty hours). The groups contain a maximum of six participants, which leaves a lot of room for conversation. Our conversations and debates will relate to interesting topics and current events.


Our goal is to draw you into the world of the English language. An English course at the American Center will give you the opportunity to use English in the classroom and more importantly – outside of it. At the American Center, we use many activities and resources that you can use at home or wherever you are. Additionally, we like to use technology in teaching. In our English course, you will have access to lessons through PowerPoint presentations that you can watch again at home, as well as our system of electronically corrected homework which, in addition to corrections, also contains error comments. You will find all the content and additional materials from our English course available on hand at home and in digital form, and the course also includes free books! You will find yourself working harder and harder, making English a part of your daily routine effortlessly! We want you to succeed and you will succeed at the American Center!

English Certification

By providing you with these materials and tools, we want you to make our English course a part of your everyday life and finally, to make English a part of your life. At the end of the semester, you will be tested and if you pass the exam, you will be rewarded with a certificate!

All our English courses follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFRL)

The course price includes all materials and books

English assessment 

Before enrolling in our general English course, you will have a short oral test as a grading exam based on which we will place you in the appropriate group according to your knowledge. Don’t be afraid of testing! In our experience, many people are ashamed of their level of English, but when you walk through our door, know that it all stays outside because you entered the area without prejudice. We are here to help you overcome any fear of speech. The English group course covers groups from beginner A1 level to advanced C2 level.