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English courses for children

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English for children

What is all included in the English course for children?

  • Small groups – no more than 6 participants The
  • the communication environment is exclusively in English
  • 2 times a week for 15 weeks or on Saturdays for 15 weeks

Our English for children course in more detail:

Learning a foreign language at an early age is crucial for your child. Not only do children grow and develop unusually fast, but they also absorb every little detail of what they see and of course, what they hear. A child who is exposed to two or more languages ​​at an early age processes and remembers the information he or she receives much more easily.

The objective of our English course for children

Our English for Children course offers your children the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in an environment filled exclusively with communication in English. At the American Center, they will soak up the English language like a sponge through activities such as singing to live music (guitar), drawing, coloring, and storytelling. We look forward to seeing you and your child!

Learning English for children lasts two hours over eight weeks, for a total of 16 hours. Two cycles are held each semester.