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English courses for beginners

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Our English course for beginners will direct you to the right path of success!

What is all included in the English for beginners course?

  • Small groups
  • Native speakers
  • One lecture of 120 minutes per week for
  • 15 weeks (30 hours in total)
  • Books included in the price of the course
  • Online portal: Everything you need is also available online

English course for beginners

We all have to start somewhere: Our English course for beginners gives you the chance to start speaking without fear.

If you feel constrained because your knowledge of English is very little or almost non-existent – we are here for you. If you think everyone around you is fluent in English, we have great news – it’s just not true! Regardless of your age, it is never too early or too late to start learning English. Our English for Beginners course offers you all the tools for a successful journey through an adventure called learning English.

How does our English for Beginners course work?

We’re already guessing what you think: The American Center is a school with exclusively native English speakers. How can I go to a course where neither I speak English nor the teacher speaks Croatian?

Again – we have great news for you! All our teachers in the English for Beginners course also speak Croatian fluently. In other words, they are very aware of the frequent problems encountered by native Croatian speakers when learning English. If necessary, teachers in Croatian can always explain anything that is not clear.

Our goal in the English for beginners course

Our English Course for Beginners is designed to develop self-confidence in speaking English for everyone – regardless of age. From day one, you will learn useful terms and each subsequent lecture will build on that. No need to be shy during class!

We understand that everyone is here to learn and progress. Our professors ensure a relaxed atmosphere without prejudice, so course participants should not allow their fears to overwhelm them. We usually say: leave it all at the door and enter the classroom ready to listen, learn, and most importantly – speak!

What does the beginners’ English course include?

Our groups consist of a maximum of six students, which leaves each of them enough time to speak and participate in each exercise. The price of the course includes a textbook and an exercise book through which we learn and progress through various grammar and lexical exercises, although the emphasis is always on speaking and understanding.

Also, we are one of the first schools in Croatia to offer an innovative online program through Oxford, called LMS. This program includes additional exercises for listening, speaking, reading, writing, and understanding in the comfort of your own home. This LMS platform allows students to interact with other students and with the professor. However, that is not all! Within the school, we also have a special internet portal available to all our students, which provides an unlimited source of additional learning materials such as e-books, videos, games, etc.

To summarize the English for beginners course:

If you have always wanted to learn English, now is the time! Our professors are native speakers of English, but they also speak Croatian.  Learning in a school that cares about the progress and experience of each student and with the teaching materials that help you learn quickly, you can only expect the best results!