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Online English courses with native speakers at the American Center Zagreb

Online English Language Course

Have you ever wanted to learn English but can never find the time? We all can easily use this excuse of “Oh, I would like to learn English, but I just don't have time!” What if we told you of an Online English course that offered you the convenience of learning English from your own home or workplace without the worry of rush hour traffic or the torments of walking in the rain, snow, cold, or heat!

All of our English courses follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

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Advantages of learning English with a native speaker

  • Practicing English with Native Speakers will force you to speak English:

    It is very common that – when you both have a mutual language aside from English – it will be very difficult to avoid. Very often, it will be very natural and easy for both you and your non-native English teacher to discuss and explain things in your native language, rather than in English. It is rare that a native English speaker will know your language, such as Croatian,  well enough to explain things to you. Although you may find this frustrating at times, you will be speaking more fluently. The American Center’s English Courses await you!
  • Pronunciation and Language Use

    Native speaking teachers provide a natural way of learning English words and grammar. Students in our English course will learn how to properly pronounce words and phrases. They will also learn how to speak and write using proper grammar and vocabulary. Our teachers provide instant and accurate feedback to help students overcome bad speech patterns. . Many words in English look the same but are pronounced differently. Phrases such as "I have read that magazine," and "I like to read" are good examples. These types of words can be confusing for a student learning English. A native speaker teacher will understand the background and meaning of the words.
  • Cultural learning

    Because the English language is often integrated within a culture, The American Center’s teachers are able to provide answers to questions about customs or cultural practices that may come up during class.
  • English Grammar

    People whose native tongue is English are quick to catch grammar errors. For instance, a phrase such as "I wonder where is the bank?" is a grammar mistake our teachers would pick up immediately every time. In our English courses, our teachers will provide positive feedback to help a student learn to say the phrase correctly.  After a series of some positive feedback , students will begin to monitor themselves and catch their own mistakes and correct them.
  • Tense

    Some English verb phrases can be very confusing. Our teachers can explain phrases like "come up with" or "checking in on" much more easily. There are also many irregular verbs used in the English language. Rules for such verbs as "sing, sang, and sung "can be difficult to comprehend. In our English courses at The American Centar, we can make these rules regarding irregular verbs easier to understand.

  • Natural idiom

    Explaining the difference between such phrases and words as "wise man and wise guy" can be difficult. Our teachers will have an easier time explaining types of words that seem illogical to a student.

  • Authentic Learning

    A student will be exposed to the authentic language in our English courses. Through learning activities such as games, students will learn about the culture and how to speak like a native speaker. This includes the use of slang and accents. Students will be able to engage in real and regular conversations that English speakers use every day.
  • Conversation in English...just in English

    By having conversation with native speakers, a student of English will be able to pick up on the meaning of phrases and the teacher will be able to make sure the student is applying the proper meaning of the words and phrases they use. In our English courses, our teachers can explain why a phrase is spoken in a certain way.

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Our English courses include our online Learning Management System (LMS) where you complete your homework and tasks. Our teachers can follow your progress and help you even more extensively. We are always here for you! Additionally, you can take your English course where ever you go! Say goodbye to your book and hello to the future of learning!

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